Friday, December 3, 2010

Love Song to a Babysitter (Original Music Video)

Ever have a crush on your baby sitter, but she just keeps trying to make you go to sleep. We share the same wound.
Peter Gilroy
Kurt Maloney
Tyler Phillips
Roger Garcia
Jacob Wysocki
Brock Mckenzie

Aubrey Marie Davis
James Earthman
and Kelly Gilroy


  1. "They? ...hey babysitter!" lol

    Nice work, boys. I'm liking the direction. You're like the new LFO, in a good way.

    Speaking of LFO, you guys are all more interesting to watch in your videos than they are. Tongue-in-cheek is such a key characteristic for a group in your position. Funny = more watchable.

    Check it out for contrast:

    In any case, best of luck getting to where you need to be: with a large audience.

    "Yeaaaah, I kill a kid quick" haha!