Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Method Actor


  1. you guys crack me up i was looking up a spoof i was in for a 127 minutes seen something you guys did with a skateboard wreck and wished that the director producer and writer would listen to some of my idea's. i played the part of a tranvestite but my most funny shit was cut and i was asked to come back to do another scene, nailed it on the first go but had to go through like 20 more till they said ok then we watched the first take and i nailed it the first take and we all laughed so hard my face and stomach hurt then when it was posted the part wasn't even in the spoof. spstt.s whatever i'm just the help but i think i have a nack for whats funny and whats not, because i make bets and always win. and i gotta bet this wont get posted so help me out. no i'm kidden do with it what you will. look me up allenrich80 and tell terry that he should have gotten me a ticket to go see the property he bought in Colorado or whereever and i'm more funny than he'll ever be, even though he might be smarter and if he can sue me for this then, i'm just kidding, he's good at that stuff. where you guys from or at? hello from ohio. Allenrich80@gmail.com oh and if um terry really does see this post, i am just kidding. really call me.